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Water is life

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Saturday, February 5, 2011

Water Consumption & Good Health

 How much water equals good health? Much has been written about water consumption and good health. It is generally known that 65-70% of our body consists of fluids, and our bodies can actually survive 11/2 (one to one and a half) months without food on water alone.
Most people are in the dark about how dehydrated the body can become without adequate water. Here are some facts to consider with regard to adequate water intake to achieve our true health goals. Without the required water intake the body becomes a toxic waste dump. To help the body dispose of its “pollution” adequate water consumption is necessary.
In addition, without enough water, the digestive system cannot do its job properly to distribute oxygen and nutrition to the cells. We need water to lubricate our joint so they will function smoothly and pain free. Not only does water rid the body of toxins, aid digestion, and lubricate the joints, but water is also necessary for the lungs. It helps the respiratory system to process and use incoming oxygen and dispose of carbon dioxide and other toxins.
Many people are concerned about body fat storage, If you have enough water intake, your body will dispose of the extra body fat. Without water, the body will retain its excessive fat cells.
Lack of appropriate amounts of water influence every aspect of our physiological functions. It can result in abnormal muscle function, poor digestion, speed the aging process, and deterioration of every part of our body.
So how much water should we drink? According to the U.S International Sports Medicine Institute in California, the following formula for water consumption is recommended: 
For 150 lbs. of body weight:
If you do not exercise regularly or do little exercise, 8-10 glasses of water (8oz per glass) per day.
If you exercise or are an athlete of the above weight, 13-14 glasses of water (8oz per glass).
For very 5 lbs. over the 150 lbs., you need and additional 3 oz (approx. 1/3 cup) of water.
Example: If a person weight 140 lbs., 7-9 glasses of water (8 oz per glass) per day.
If a person weigh 140 lbs., additional 6 oz approximately 1 cup. 9-11glasses of water (8oz per glass) per day.
If a person weights 170 lbs., additional 12 oz approximate 11/2-2 cups; 10-12 glasses of water (8 oz per glass) per day.
With so much water to drink, won’t I go to the restroom more often?” You might wonder. The answer is: yes, but in two weeks, the urinary bladder adjust and you go less often with more volume in urination. Therefore, if you drink 8-10 eight ounce (8oz) glasses, you will not only experience better health, but you will also be thinner.
By Dr. David Chen                                                  U.S. Patent: TXU 945-243


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