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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Monday, November 12, 2012 0 comments

The winter may be that gorgeous season of breathtaking foggy mornings and chilly evenings. While cozy woollen clothes can protect your skin from this dry weather, they do nothing for your hair. If you have dry hair, this weather can further turn them brittle, lead to excessive dandruff and render them looking dull and lacklustre!

So if you want moisturised, healthy hair this winter, follow these hair care tips by Najeeb Ur Rehman, National Technical Head, Schwarzkopf Professional India.

Avoid over-washing your hair: During winters, wash your hair periodically. Always use a dry hair protective shampoo and conditioner.
Treat your hair to a cure: At least once a week, pamper your hair with a treatment that will provide them with a lot of moisture and seal the hair surface with conditioning oils.
Stay away from hot irons: Hair straighteners and curlers and the hot air from hair dryers are hard on hair and rid it of all its moisture. Never heat-style your hair, without the benefit of hair protection (a serum). In winters, air-dry your hair as often as possible.
Get regular scalp massages: Scalp massages improve the blood flow to the scalp and stimulate the sebum secretion.
Don't wash your hair with hot water: Washing hair with excessively hot water strips it of all its natural substances. Set the water temperature between tepid and moderately warm. As a finishing touch, rinse the longer part of your hair with cool water. This will make your hair smooth and shiny.
Avoid alcohol-containing products: Try not to style your hair with hair sprays, foam setting products, gels and other products that contain alcohol, as they have a tendency to dry out your hair.
Take good care of your hair accessories: Inspect your hair care tools regularly. Haphazardly manufactured combs and brushes will damage the scalp and further disturb the natural smooth surface of hair.

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