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Earl Grey Tea - 9 benefits

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Saturday, February 19, 2011

Earl Grey tea is a very famous blend of tea. It is a black tea that has got a distinct orange flavor and aroma of bergamot orange, a type of sweet-smelling citrus fruit. People like to drink this tea with honey or sugar. You can even add milk to it. You can drink it while you are savoring on mouth-watering pastries or cookies. There are numerous companies that produce good quality earl grey tea

The tea not only tastes good but also has medicinal properties that can help in curing wide range of illnesses. This is the reason why you can find so many earl grey black tea lovers.

Here are some of the benefits of earl grey tea:

1. It makes your immune system strong so that you do not fall prey to viral illnesses such as cold and flu.
2. It prevents cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
3. It gives you good sleep and helps in fighting sleeplessness. If you drink it daily, you will be able to get sound sleep.
4. It makes you active and helps in getting rid of tiredness and weariness. The reason behind is that a small amount of caffeine that helps in keeping you active.
6. It helps in healing inflammation.
7. It helps in properly digesting the food.
8. It also used an antidepressant for dealing with problems like stress, depression, and tension.
9. Bergamot is known for its antiseptic properties that can help in improving the overall oral health.

How is earl grey black tea made?

The tea manufacturer selects the best black tea and blends it with the oil extracted from bergamot fruit. In order to increase the flavor some artificial flavoring and bergamot flavor is added.

Some manufacturers make the tea with a dash of lavender. Lavender helps in lowering the citrus content and adds a pleasant aroma to the tea. A well made earl grey tea is the one that is blended properly. If the blending is not done properly, the tea will not taste good.

From where can it?

One of the easiest ways to buy black tea flavored with bergamot fruit oil is to buy it online. On the web, you need to search for ‘buy earl grey black tea’ and you will be able to find many vendors selling it. You need to keep in mind that not all the vendors sell genuine tea. You need to research well through discussion and forum sites to find out what people say about online earl grey tea sellers.

The online vendor should provide you with the best packaging so that the tea remains fresh. Once you find a reliable vendor, you can place an order. Make sure the online tea vendor provides you with a secure page while you purchase the tea.

If you have not tasted the earl grey tea yet, you should try it to experience its perfect and manifold health benefits.

Reference: By Dmitry Fedosev


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