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Yoga postures different than exercise

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, February 6, 2011

Yoga postures also help maintain the flexibility of the spine. As we age the spine has a tendency to grow rigid. Regular performance of yoga, postures stops this process. The posture known as the spinal twist is an example of such a posture.
Finally there is another aspect of yoga asanas which makes them different from other kinds of exercise. One of the important discoveries of the ancients ages is that there is a system of energy centers or cakras (pronounced chakra) in the body. These centers located along the spine are primarily psycho-spiritual realities (rather than anatomical features) but they are associated with physical glands as well as nerves. Each of these centers regulates different mental propensities. The yogis in their meditation, visualized these cakras and described them as flowers having different petals. Each petal represents a particular mental propensity. For example, the cakra located at the height of the navel area is pictured as having10 petals representing different mental propensities. One of these propensitiesis "anger" . Thus it is often true that those people who have ulcers, constipation or other aggravations in this region also suffer from an irritable or angry personality. Yogis thus prescribe asanas for weakened regions of the body which will directly affect the cakras, helping to physical disease as well as psychic imbalances.

One further word about yoga postures. Every person is unique. Our physical bodies are not the same. The yoga postures of a 60 year old woman suffering from rheumatism are quite different from those of young man in good health. Thus yoga postures cannot just be taken out of a book. Rather the best way is to learn the exact postures which are best for your condition. A qualified teacher can help you to learn which postures are the right ones for you.

In summary, these asanas can be helpful to many people They are easily learned and can be practiced conveniently at home. When the yoga asanas are combined with the other points outlined above they become an important part of a way of life which will bring physical, mental and spiritual fulfillment.


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