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Leafy herbs and greens should be incorporate in our diet!

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, February 6, 2011

First off, we need to be clear about the definition of the word vegetable. When you think of vegetable, you probably think of potatoes, carrots and beans. But technically speaking, potatoes and carrots are roots and beans are seeds. Next on the list, tomatoes are fruits, as are cucumbers and red peppers. So what are vegetables? According to the definition of vegetables, all green and leafy plants are vegetables or what some people call greens. These are the vegetables that you should incorporate into your diet.
Green leafy vegetables have uncountable nutritious properties. They filled with all of the building blocks required for your body to repair itself and make new cells. They contain all of the essential amino acids that your body uses to create protein in order to rebuild your cells, build muscles and strengthen your existing ones. That's why vegetarians and vegans who incorporate lots of greens and who exercise are just as fit and muscular as a protein drinking body builder.

Greens are also a great source of minerals such as zinc, iron and potassium. Each green vegetable contains a different percentage of each mineral, so it is best to rotate the greens that you eat. For example, eating spinach for a few days, then kale, then swiss chard and Boston lettuce and rotating onwards. If you are lucky enough to live near an Asian market why not incorporate different greens such as Bok-Choy, watercress and Chinese broccoli. People who live in Asia tend to retain their young appearance and live longer lives, and they also eat fresh green leafy vegetables every day. This leads us to the other benefit of eating vegetables: staying young.
Vegetables are full of water, especially when eaten raw, and when you eat them your body does not need to use some of its own water to digest them. This means that your body uses a lot less energy and resources to digest the greens and you can then assimilate all of the nutrition of the vegetables much faster. The less pressure we put on our digestive systems,the younger we remain, since a lot of our energy is used to try and digest the food we feed ourselves. You've probably felt the low energy feeling you get after eating a big lunch, your stomach is processing all of the food and this zaps your energy. Eating fresh raw vegetables will never leave you feeling that way.
Finally another benefit of eating vegetables is not at all related to the nutrition found of vegetables. In fact one of the parts of vegetables that are the most important is the part we cannot digest: the fiber. The fiber in green leafy vegetables was never meant to be digested, so why should we bother to eat it? The reason is that this fiber acts like a dish washer brush for your inner workings. The fiber will push out any undigested matter on the insides of your stomach and all the way through your colon and out the back door. Moving this internal garbage out is one of the most important jobs of vegetables, and you should be thankful for it, because nothing can help you feel cleaner than eating your vegetables. Being clean inside means that your body has energy left to do the things you want to do: exercise, learning, having fun. It is not longer weighed down, and consequently you can lose weight more easily and quickly if your body is being cleaned out on a regular basis


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