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Anti-Radiation Pyramids

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Monday, February 14, 2011

To order your pyramid, email: info@thehealthfactory for size and price, colors and ingredients.

Handle the damaging effects of radiation from your TV, computer and cell phone with The Health Factory’s anti-radiation pyramids.
Placed around the house, these hand crafted pyramids will keep you safe from harmful radiation.
Each pyramid is a work of art in itself, structured from real gem stones, copper, minerals and precious metals. No two pyramids are ever alike.
The Dangers of Radiation
Have you also ever wondered whether the much-discussed radiation from cell towers, computers and other devices also have implications for your life? And if so, what would you do about that?
Most people do not know how to answer these questions.
Radiation is a very broad concept. But when we talk about radiation which affects the human body, we mean EMF, i.e., Electro Magnetic Frequencies. These is the radiation from a number of our daily used devices and their base stations. We should really think of our GSM, DECT phone, microwave oven, but also things like an electric blanket, water bed and radio.
Even devices such as a TV and some lights do radiate.
People who think that is easy to get around by not using these appliances buying a cabin in the woods, may be disappointed.
Radiation works over quite a distance and we have in our modern society things like radar, radio, mobile TV and other transmissions through space.
We can not escape this on our earth – radiation is everywhere.
The U.S. military even has anti-spy radar covering our whole planet, and which we all suffer from, wherever we are. But do you have to be worried by that? Yes. Everyone in the world is more or less affected.
If our governments say it’s not a problem, they are disregarding a number of important laws of nature.
anti radiation pyramids
Our body works on electricity. Our brain only works because it is continuously transmitting electrical impulses to our muscles to move, to our lungs to breath, to our heart and so on.
Without electrical currents our body would not work.
If we are subjected the whole day to all kinds of electric waves from the air the body may get, in certain way, upset.
That has nothing to do with ethereal alternative ways of thinking – these effects are measurable with the right equipment. There is nothing “foggy” or unscientific about this.

anti radiation pyramids
What does it do with my body?
In itself being affected by this radiation doesn’t mean an illness. That is why it is so difficult for scientists to investigate the effects of radiation – you will not fall down and get killed instantly due to any major illnesses. What is does is affecting the self-healing capacity of the body.
Every body has a self-healing capacity. If we cut ourselves or we get the flu, the body will begin to deal with this immediately. We do not even have to think about.
Radiation will affect that self-healing capacity and the body doesn’t function as good as it did before. This gives all kinds of problems a chance to develop.
Next, the person doesn’t recover as fast as he should, or even becomes resistant to therapy. Some people have been to doctors doctors and think there is nothing left to help them.
But in early stages of radiation pollution, people usually have some vague complaints that they don’t feel so good without actually knowing what’s going on.
Some examples of complaints that are typical of radiation exposure could be: Fatigue, allergies, blood pressure problems, headaches, depression, burn out, no benefit from swallowing vitamins or natural remedies, dizziness, extreme chilliness, insomnia, concentration problems and so on.
anti radiation pyramids What can I do about it?
The solution is affordable, simple and aesthetic: Anti-radiation pyramids.
Apart from other real qualities of a pyramid, such as conservation, pyramids work on radiation like a prism works on light. Turn a prism into then light and you will see it coming out in all colors of the rainbow.
An anti-radiation pyramid will do that with the radiation wavelengths that exist around us.
It attracts the radiation and transforms those wavelengths so they are still working for your devices but no longer affect your body.
The Health Factory pyramids are hand-crafted and unique (no two look the same), with the exact dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza and structured from real gem stones, copper, minerals and precious metals.

anti radiation pyramids
How do I use an anti-radiation pyramid?
For most people it is a sufficient to put several pyramids around the house, for example next to your TV, your phone or in your home-office.
However, some people already have a fair amount of radiation damage accumulated in their bodies because they are more sensitive to it than others.
It is therefore important for these people to wear a special anti-radiation bar on the body. Made according to the same formula as the pyramid, such bars are the size of a small soap bar and fit easily in pockets or purses.
The good news is that you are able to neutralize radiation in your environment and thus can ensure that your body is functioning optimally again and will respond to appropriate treatment.


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