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Advantages and Disadvantages of Caffeine In Dieting

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you drink coffee? What about caffeine in dieting? You make or purchase weight loss plans in order to loose weight and suddenly you come to know that you have to cut down caffeine from your diet; means that you have to give up your habit of having cups of coffees or diet cokes. Isn’t it too harsh for a person who is almost addicted to such beverages?
In reviews of weight loss plans you will always find weight loss plans whether rapid weight loss plans and long term plans that recommend to stay away from coffee while dieting. It is really hard for most of the people to give up coffee or other caffeine based beverages. This is the reason why the thought of leaving caffeine in dieting seems horrifying. People, who got addicted to coffees or other caffeine based beverages, found withdrawal symptoms when they tried to quit caffeine from their diet straight away. So now comes an important question; is it a way of dieting while including caffeine in the diet to some extent? Read this mini guide to weight loss plans and caffeine in dieting and decide what’s best for you:
If you are really concerned about your health and fitness and really want to reduce weight then you must think about and study the advantages and disadvantages of having caffeine in your diet and be the judge and make a conclusion.
Following are few of the pros or benefits of using caffeine in dieting:
- We all know that most of the diet pills - often recommended in fast weight loss plans - contain caffeine as one of the integral ingredients. The reason for using caffeine in diet pills is that caffeine act as a great stimulant to our body. After having caffeine, people find themselves more energetic and active. This advantage can be exploited for the purpose of exercises and physical activities as well. People, who are on dieting, without caffeine, find themselves a bit lazy towards exercises and other physical activities.
- Caffeine also helps in suppressing the appetite.
- Another advantage of using caffeine in diet is that most of the people who are on dieting feel that they have given away many such foods and diet habits that they really enjoyed in the past, however, using beverages like diet coke or coffees can give them a feeling of having something that they can enjoy in their diet.
- Although there are some advantages of including caffeine in one’s diet, however, there are some disadvantages too. Some of the disadvantages of using caffeine in dieting are:
Caffeine, as you may know, has the tendency of increasing blood sugar level since it can affect the hormones adrenaline and glucagon. That is the reason why most diet plans like Atkins or The Zone diet strongly discourage the use of caffeine in dieting. If you consider the fact that caffeine can affect Blood sugar level then it is obvious that caffeine dieting is not something recommended for diabetic people.
- Another major problem of having caffeine in dieting is that caffeine can act as diuretic. You may have heard that the more coffee a person drinks, the higher risk of dehydration is there. Dehydration can result in quick weight loss and can be used as a short-term weight loss plan but it is not a good practice since it can harm your body and the results also are not long-lasting. Lack of fluid in a person’s body can bring undesirable results. In order to burn fat cells inside your body, your body must be well-hydrated.
Caffeine in dieting; a bit controversial issue, however, it is up to the dieter to decide what best suits him in accordance with his physical circumstances. One must not forget to have expert advice from doctors before selecting any diet plan; whether caffeine dieting or caffeine free dieting. 

Reference: Weight lose article


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