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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, July 31, 2011 0 comments

Neroli is heady, sweet, and floral, and is made from the aromatic blossoms of the orange tree. It’s rare to find a pure 100% neroli oil, as it’s impossible for companies to be able to offer it for a low cost. It takes approximately 1,000 pounds of orange blossoms to make one pound of neroli oil. Therefore, it is not unusual to find it “cut” with another oil. This is perfectly acceptable, and does not reduce neroli’s benefits at all. Used for centuries to combat plague, fever, and nervousness, neroli is a one of the most user-friendly oils there is. It helps regenerate skin cells, improves skin elasticity, and even helps with acne, scarring, and stretch marks. Internally, neroli acts as a natural tranquilizer, and can relieve chronic anxiety, depression, and stress. Besides being a beloved oil by aromatherapists all over the globe, neroli is also often used in bridal bouquets, both as a symbol of purity, and for its ability to calm the bride’s nerves.
Therapeutic uses:
Acne, antispasmodic, anxiety, aphrodisiac, circulation, depression, headaches, hysteria, insomnia, lethargy, mature skin, menopause, neuralgia, panic, premenstrual discomfort, scars, shock, stress and stretch marks.
Essential Oil Applications:
For acne, wet a cotton ball, then apply a few drops of oil. Dab affected area lightly.
To fight lethargy, use 2-3 drops in a diffuser.
As an antispasmodic, use 2-3 drops in a diffuser or 4-5 drops in a blended massage to improve colon problems, diarrhea, and nervous dyspepsia.
To alleviate anxiety, depression, hysteria, lethargy, panic, shock, and stress, use 3-4 drops in a diffuser. Can also use 8-10 drops in bath water.
To improve circulation, mix 3-4 drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on body. Can also use 8-10 drops in bath water regularly.
For headaches and neuralgia, use 3-4 drops in a hot or cold compress (whichever works best for you).
To ease premenstrual discomfort and distress, use 3-4 drops in a diffuser or 8-10 drops in bath water.
To regenerate skin cells and improve skin elasticity for mature skin, mix a drop or two with an application of an unscented face cream, and apply as normal.
To help with the irritability and tearfulness that can accompany menopause, use 3-4 drops in a diffuser or 8-10 drops in bath water regularly. Can also mix 3-4 drops with 1 ounce of carrier oil and massage on body.
To help diminish scars and stretch marks, mix 3-4 drops with liquid lanolin and massage into affected areas.
Mixes Well With:
Bergamot,  frankincensegeranium,  grapefruitjasminelavenderlemonlime, orange, rose, rosemary, sandalwood, tangerine and ylang ylang
Extraction Method:
Steam distillation or enfleurage.
Parts Used:
Orange blossom petals


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Washington: An antioxidant contained in grape seeds may help prevent Alzheimer's or delay the progression of the degenerative disease, say experts.

Grape seed polyphenols, a natural antioxidant, prevent the production of a substance in the brain known to cause neurotoxicity, which alters the normal activity of the nervous system, associated with Alzheimer's.

In Alzheimer's disease, brain cells degenerate and die, causing a steady decline in memory and mental function.

Researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine and the University of Minnesota administered polyphenolic extracts in mice as part of their study published online in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Friday, Xinhua reported.

Previous studies had suggested that increased consumption of grape-derived polyphenols, contained in red wine, may protect against cognitive decline in Alzheimer's. This new finding corroborates those theories.

'This new finding holds significant promise as a preventive method or treatment, and is being tested in translational studies in Alzheimer's patients,' said lead researcher Giulio Pasinetti.


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Drowning in tension due to your hectic lifestyle? We dish out some relaxation techniques to relieve your mind and body 

Today, we live in a fast-paced world, constantly juggling with work, family responsibilities and social lives. A much-waited job promotion, a not-so-great appraisal, relationships that are breaking up, spouse-related conflicts, child's illnesses, bad grades or perhaps even the death of a dear one, are reasons enough to generate stress. As a result, you are constantly being victimised by stress, whether its mental, physical or emotional. Stress often has harmful repercussions on your health, state of mind, behaviour and attitude. You can't completely eliminate stress out of your life but you can help yourself to deal with it and minimise its harmful effects. Follow these easy relaxation techniques that will help ease your stress quotient...

Deep breathing 

You've been breathing continuously since the day you were born. However, proper breathing can not only be relaxing but also relieves stress and increase your energy levels. If yoga and meditation ain't your cup of tea, try deep breathing exercises. Taking deep breaths is one of the simplest and easiest ways to relieve stress.

Begin by either sitting or standing straight (your back should be straight, no hunching!). Place one of your palms on your stomach. Breathe in slowly taking deep breaths and exhale slowly. Now try holding your breath while inhaling and exhaling for about five seconds. With practice you can increase holding your breath for 10 seconds. After doing these breathing exercises, a sense of calm will prevail.


Yoga is one of the most efficient ways to curb stress. That is because yoga is a combination of meditation and exercise. It helps in strengthening the mind and body and relieves muscle tension. No wonder celebs are into yoga big time, whether it's Shilpa Shetty or Madonna. Padmasan or theLotus pose is a great way to unwind. Sit with your back straight, legs crossed and feet on your thighs (if this is difficult, sit with your legs crossed, the normal way). Keep your palms on your knees, with your arms straight (do not bend your elbows). Close your eyes, inhale and exhale deeply and slowly. Focus on your breathing. Begin by practising for three minutes and gradually increasing the the time. Shavasan or the Corpse pose includes lying flat on the ground on your back. Keep your hands and legs apart at 45-degree angles. Close your eyes, keep your body as loose as you can and stay still like a corpse. Inhale and exhale slowly. Begin by practising for five minutes and gradually increase your time.


Guided imagery is also known as diversion or in a layman's term, daydreaming. All you have to do is let your stressed out mind escape to calming scenery or situations. When you are stressed out, take a few minutes to sit back on your chair and close your eyes, and breathe slowly and deeply. Imagine yourself on a secluded beach with lush palm/coconut trees and the beautiful ocean or imagine yourself on a green and cool forest with fresh, fragrant, colourful flowers. You can choose to escape to any scenario, preferably where it is very quiet and not to some wild party. The trick is to magically transport yourself to a serene place/situation, thus, invoking relief from your stress.


By music we mean serenading music and not heavy metal. Listening to soothing music helps relieve stress and alleviate your mood. Sit back, close your eyes and listen to relaxing music for about 20 minutes. You can choose from a range of music like classic instrumental music (either desi or international), Gregorian chants, Buddha Bar, Yanni, Kenny G to even Chinese relaxation music.

Aroma therapy 

Taking a luke warm bath after a long stressful day can be a rejuvenating experience. Burning some scented candles around and adding aromatic oils of flowers can soothe both your mind and body. Vanilla and cinnamon flavoured oils in particular are effective as stress relievers. Its no surprise that at spas, aroma therapy oils are often used for most types of massages.

Spending time with pets 

Whether you have a dog, cat or a fish tank at home, they can function as effective stress busters. Petting your precious pup or kitty will not only make them feel loved but also make you feel better. Simply watching fish swimming is a calming experience.

Take a nap 

Taking a short nap is known to be a great way to beat stress. Why do you think power naps are called so? Studies have shown that a short nap of 15 minutes can minimise stress and can make one feel energised. Make sure not to get tempted and sleep off!

Hot beverages 

Having a cup of coffee or tea is not only enjoyable but also quite relieving. Caffeine acts as a stress buster and helps improving the mood. However, one must be careful to consume tea and coffee in moderation as excess of it can be harmful. If you're not a tea or coffee drinker, try hot chocolate. A nice steaming cup of hot chocolate will definitely cheer you up! 


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Dragon fruit plant is a night flowering vine-like cactus, the beautiful yellowish flower is about 1 foot long and 9 inches wide, bell shaped and very fragrant, they open during the early evening and wilt by daybreak. The fruit is oblong and has unique appearance because of its bright pink to red, green tipped overlapping scales rind. The edible portion is white or red, with hundreds of tiny black seeds. Its taste is sweet and juicy similar to that of pear, kiwi and watermelon. Dragon fruit is now grown commercially in Asia in places like Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.


Hylocereus it has red skin and white flesh.
Hylocereus polyrhizus it has red skin and red flesh.
Selinecereus megalanthus it has yellow skin and white flesh.dragon fruit flower

Health Benefits:
Dragon fruit help to lower blood glucose levels in type 2 diabetes.
Dragon fruit prevent formation of cancer causing free radicals.
Dragon fruit helps moisturize and smoothen skin and decrease bad cholesterol level.
Dragon fruit helps improve appetite.
Dragon fruit can enhance the body metabolism because of its protein content.
Dragon fruit helps improve digestion and reduce fat.
Dragon fruit helps maintain the health of the eyes.
Dragon fruit helps strengthen the bones and teeth.
Dragon fruit helps in tissue development.
Dragon fruit promotes healing of cuts and bruise.
Dragon fruit helps improve memory.

Nutritional Value: per 100 g
Carotene: 0.012 g.
Vitamin C: 9.0 mg.
Thiamine (Vitamin B1) traces
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 0.045 mg.
Niacin (Vitamin B3): 0.430 mg.
Calcium: 6 -10 mg
Iron: 0.3 - 0.7 mg
Phosphorus: 16 - 36 mg.
Carbohydrates: 9-14 g
Protein: 0.15 - 0.5 g
Fiber: 0.3 - 0.9 g
Water: 80-90g
Fat: 0.1 - 0.6 g
Calories: 35 - 50

Common names in different countries:
 English names: Night Blooming Cereus, Strawberry Pear, Belle of the Night, Conderella plant, Mood Flower.
France: Cierce-Lezard, Poire de Cahrdon
Germany: Distelbirm, Echte Stachnelbirn, Distelbirm, Drachenfrucht
Hawaii: Pa-nani-oka, Pa-ni-ni, Kapunahou
Portugal: Catobarse, Cardo-Ananaz
Colombia, Mexico Venezuela: Flor de Caliz
Puerto Rico: Pitajaya
Mexico: Junco, Pitahaya Orejona, Reina de la Noche, Tasajo
Sweden: Skogkaktus, Rud Pitahaya
Vietnam: Thanh long
China: Long Gou, For Lung Kor

Uses: Dragon fruits serve as preserves and spreads such as jam, puree and cordial; salad; sherbets and sorbets; fruit pizza; and beverages.


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New Delhi: Caffeine-rich energy drinks pose dangerous health risks and may cause seizures, strokes or even death, a study carried by the NGO Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) said Monday.

The NGO's Pollution Monitoring Lab conducted a survey from May to June which picked energy drinks randomly from markets across the country and tested their caffeine levels.

'Forty-four percent of them breached the caffeine limit of 145 ppm (parts per million) prescribed by the government,' the study said.

The study also claimed that caffeine is a psycho-stimulant and it could be doing irreparable harm to the body, which could lead to seizures, strokes or even death.

CSE's deputy director Chandra Bhushan said: 'These so-called energy drinks are being confused with sports drinks, as most of them marketed and projected in a such way. Gyms, bars and clubs across the country are dishing out these drinks to their clients, claiming major health benefits. But studies show that these drinks are not made to rehydrate and replenish the body.'

'Consumed during intense physical activity, they can lead to dehydration,' Bhushan added.


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A study has found that potatoes can make people pile on the pounds while fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and yoghurt can help them stay slim. 

The Harvard study for the first time details how much weight individual foods make people put on or keep off. 

"The conventional wisdom is simply, 'Eat everything in moderation and just reduce total calories' without paying attention to what thosecalories are made of," the Washington Post quoted Dariush Mozaffarian of the Harvard School of Public Health, who led the study, as saying. 

"All foods are not equal, and just eating in moderation is not enough," Mozaffarian explained. 

From all the foods studied, potatoes stood out. It was found that every additional serving of potatoes people added to their regular diet each day made them gain about a pound over four years. 

It was no surprise that french fries and potato chips are especially fattening. 

But the study found that even mashed, baked or boiled potatoes were unexpectedly plumping, perhaps because of their effect on the hormone insulin. 

Similarly, while it was no shock that every added serving of fruits and vegetables prevented between a quarter- and a half-pound gain, other foods were strikingly good at helping people stay slim. 

Every extra serving of nuts, for example, prevented more than a half-pound of weight gain. And perhaps the biggest surprise was yoghurt, every serving of which kept off nearly a pound over four years. 

The findings could have significant political, economic and policy implications, supporting, for example, growing pressure to levy taxes and take other steps to discourage certain menu options, such as sugary soda for kids. 

For the study, Mozaffarian and his colleagues analysed data collected from a total of 120,877 healthy American men and women. 

The study has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine .


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The prevalence of childhood obesity and overweight children appears to vary widely among states, according to a report posted online today that will appear in the July 2010 print issue of Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine.

Childhood Obesity Increasing at an Alarming Rate

Over the past three decades, childhood obesity has dramatically increased in the United States, putting the nation’s future leaders at a risk for several diseases such a metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases and even death. The rate of obese children has more than tripled in this timeframe and remains high among both boys and girls and across all ages and racial and ethnic groups. “In light of these trends, childhood obesity continues to be viewed as a major public health problem in the United States,” the authors write.

Childhood Obesity Prevalence Study

To examine changes in obesity and overweight prevalence at the state level, Gopal K. Singh, Ph.D., and colleagues at the Health Resources and Services Administration, Rockville, Md., analyzed data from the National Survey of Children’s Health Data -  a larger database that permits more detailed geographic analyses than other surveys used to estimate childhood obesity prevalence. A total of 46,707 children age 10 to 17 were surveyed in 2003 and 44,101 children participated in 2007.

Obesity Prevalence Varies Across the United States

While nationwide in 2007, 16.4 percent of children were obese and 31.6 percent were overweight, prevalence varied significantly across states.

Mississippi had the highest obesity rate (21.9 percent) and Oregon had the lowest (9.6 percent);

Mississippi also had the highest rate of children who were overweight (44.5 percent) and Utah had the lowest (23.1 percent). The magnitude of state variations was more significant for girls than for boys.

“Between 2003 and 2007, obesity prevalence increased by 10 percent for all U.S. children and by 18 percent for female children, declined by 32 percent for children in Oregon and doubled among female children in Arizona and Kansas,” according to the authors. “Children in Georgia, Illinois, Kansas Kentucky, Tennessee, and West Virginia, Georgia had more than twice the adjusted odds of being obese than children in Oregon.”

Childhood Obesity Patterns Similar to Adult Obesity Patterns

The geographic patterns in childhood obesity are similar to those observed among adult populations, according to the researchers. Several Southern states—including Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee—were in the top one-fifth of both childhood and adult obesity rates in 2007. For both adults and children, obesity rates were highest in the Southern region and lowest in the Western region.

“Individual, household and neighborhood social and built environmental characteristics accounted for 45 percent and 42 percent of the state variance in childhood obesity and overweight, respectively,” the authors write. “Prevention programs for reducing disparities in childhood obesity should not only include behavioral interventions aimed at reducing children’s physical inactivity levels and limiting their television viewing and recreational screen time but should also include social policy measures aimed at improving the broader social and physical environments that create obesogenic conditions that put children at risk for poor diet, physical inactivity and other sedentary activities,” they conclude.

Source: Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med. 2010;164[7]:(doi:10.1001/archpediatrics.2010.84)


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A recent study suggests drinking diet soda may significantly increase the risk of having a stroke or other vascular system disorder.
clearpxlResearchers at the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine said in a statement that people who drank diet soda every day have a 61 percent higher risk of having a vascular event, compared to people who don’t drink any soda.

The researchers said their findings suggest switching from regular soda to diet soda is not an effective strategy in lowering the risk of heart disease and stroke.
The study included 2,564 participants who were asked about their soda consumption habits. During an average follow-up of 9.3 years, 559 vascular events occurred, including ischemic stroke, which is caused by the rupture of a weakened blood vessel.

The researchers said that the risk of this type of stroke remained high, even when accounting for other risk factors, including a patient’s metabolic syndrome, peripheral vascular disease and heart disease history.

The study was presented at the American Stroke Association’s annual conference in Los Angeles, Calif.


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  • Red sandalwood has many uses for your hair, feet, skin and a variety of ailments. It helps promote a clean and clear skin tone, and maintain a good complexion. Red sandalwood is mainly found in India where it is referred to as chandana. It is processed to obtain sandalwood powder.


  • Use red sandalwood for massage, reflexology and cosmetics. The cooling effect of red sandalwood calms the skin. If your skin suffers from uncomfortable irritated symptoms, use sandalwood oil to soothe them. To make your own red sandalwood oil, add red sandalwood powder to your favorite oil and let it sit overnight.


  • Make a paste to treat your pimples using red sandalwood powder, turmeric and water. As a night time treatment, apply the paste on to your pimples. Add a small piece of camphor to the formula for a cooling affect. Your pimples should fade away within a few hours.


  • Combining coconut oil, almond oil and sandalwood powder makes a great toner. Apply the combination to all of the exposed parts on your face. The toner will keep your skin tone balanced. This combination can also remove an unwanted suntan.


  • Wrinkles are one of the first signs of aging. A combination of red sandalwood powder, rosewater and glycerin can preserve skin features for a long period of time, but it only works if you use it consistently.


  • Acne does not just appear on the face, but also on the back, neck, chest and upper arms. Acne can be a result of bacteria flourishing on the skin. The bacteria on your skin can cause irritation that leads to acne. One property of red sandalwood is that it is antimicrobial, and therefore it is a good treatment for acne and skin flaws on your body and face. A red sandalwood face packet used regularly can help you get rid of acne.


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Squid as food are prepared in different ways in different countries. It can be grilled, added to various cooking preparations including pasta, or fried in cooking oil either plain or battered and served with a choice of dips including lemon, ketchup, mayonnaise, olive oil, and soy sauce.

Helps the body  absorb and utilize iron (copper)

Squid can provide the body with 90% of copper,, a trace mineral which plays a role in the absorption, storage and metabolism of iron and the formation of red blood cells (RBC). Copper deficiency may show in the form of anemia.
2.        Lowers inflammation (selenium)
Studies have shown that individuals with rheumatoid arthritis have low selenium levels in their blood. In addition, selenium is also an antioxidant which may help relieve symptoms of arthritis by controlling free radicals. Squid contains 63% of selenium.
3.       Helps maintain healthy skin, muscles, hair and nails (protein)
Protein is one of the essential nutrients that the human body needs to keep it healthy. It has many health benefits, one of the most important is keeping the skin, muscles, hair and nails in top shape. Good sources of complete protein come from animals and that includes the squid.
4.       Helps ease migraine headaches (vitamin B2)
Squid are rich in vitamin B2 (riboflavin), a nutrient which several studies have shown lowers the frequency and duration of migraines. Although findings were preliminary, research data suggest that riboflavin supplementation may be a good addition to migraine prevention treatment.
5.        Builds bones and teeth (phosphorous)
Just like fish and shrimps, squid is also packed with the mineral phosphorus. Phosphorus aids calcium in building bones and teeth.
6.       Helps lower risk of heart disease (vitamin B12)
Squid are good sources of vitamin B12, one of the nutrients which have shown to lower homocystein levels in the body. Individuals with elevated homocystein levels have shown to have higher rates of stroke, heart attack and death from heart disease compared to those with normal levels.
7.       Helps stabilize blood sugar levels (vitamin B3)
Eating these marine cephalopods may helps stabilize sugar levels with the help of their supply of vitamin B3.
8.       Boost immune system (zinc)
Squid are good sources of zinc. Individuals who are deficient in zinc have shown to be susceptible to a range of infectious organisms.
9.       Relaxes nerves and muscles  (magnesium)
Squid is a good source of magnesium called the “smoothie mineral” because of its ability to relax nerves and muscles.
10.   Helps lower blood pressure levels (potassium)
Being a good source of potassium, squid helps regulate blood pressure levels.
In addition to the 10 nutrients mentioned above, squid also contains vitamin C, folate, calcium, iron and manganese.
Cholesterol alert
If you're watching your cholesterol intake, you should consider moderating your squid consumption as this cephalopod contains one of the highest cholesterol content among seafoods at 221 mg or 74% for every 3 oz serving size.


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Washington: Indirubin, a herbal compound used in traditional Chinese remedies might beat deadly brain tumours.

Indirubin is derived from the Indigo plant, an active ingredient in the Dang Gui Long Hui Wan formula that is used to treat chronic myeloid leukemia.

Researchers from the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Centre (OSUCCC) discovered indirubin, a compound that blocks migration of glioblastoma cells and endothelial cells, halting them from forming cancerous blood vessels.

(The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that line the interior surface of blood vessels).

Glioblastomas affect about 18,500 Americans annually and kill nearly 13,000 of them yearly. It is the most common and lethal form of the brain cancer malignancy, with an average survival of 15 months after diagnosis, the journal Cancer Research reports.

'We have pretty good methods to stop glioblastoma from growing in the human brain, but these therapies fail because tumour cells migrate from the original site and grow elsewhere in the brain,' says co-principal investigator E. Antonio Chiocca, professor in neurological surgery at Ohio.

'Our findings suggest that Indirubin offers a novel therapeutic strategy for these tumours that simultaneously targets tumour invasion and angiogenesis,' Chiocca says, according to an Ohio statement.

Angiogenesis is the process involving the growth of new blood vessels from pre-existing vessels.

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