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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, May 27, 2012 0 comments

Want to shed those extra pounds but still eat your favourite junk foods? Well, drinking teacould be the solution. 

Researchers at Kobe University, Japan found that regular consumption of tea also suppressed damaging changes in the blood linked to fatty foods that can lead to type 2 diabetes, reports the Daily Mail. 

In the study some mice were given a high fat diet and others a normal diet. Each of these two groups were then split into smaller groups and given water, black tea or green tea for 14 weeks. 

Both types of tea suppressed body weight gain and the build-up of belly fat linked to a fatty diet. 

But black tea, which is used in most ordinary cuppas, also counteracted the harmful effects on the blood normally associated with a high-fat diet. 

These included increases in cholesterol, high blood glucose and insulin resistance - a precursor to type 2 diabetes where the body does not efficiently use the insulin it produces. 

The study was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. 


Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Friday, May 18, 2012 0 comments

Stockholm: Food with a lot of fat and few carbohydrates may actually benefit type-2 diabetics who are advised to stick to a low-fat diet.

The results of a two-year dietary study led by Hans Guldbrand, general practitioner, and Fredrik Nystrom, professor of internal medicine at the Linkoping University, Sweden, show that this kind of diet could have a better effect on blood sugar levels and blood lipids.
Diabetes millitus type-2 is a lifelong disease in which there are high-levels of blood sugar (glucose). Diabetes is caused by a problem in the way your body makes or uses insulin. Insulin is needed to move glucose into cells, where it is stored and later used for energy.
In type-2 diabetes, your fat, liver, and muscle cells do not respond correctly to insulin. Consequently, blood sugar does not get into these cells to be stored for energy. Increased fat also makes it harder for your body to use insulin the correct way.
The study is based on 61 patients who were randomised into two groups, where they followed either a low-carbohydrate (high fat) diet or a low-fat diet, the journal Diabetologia reports.
In both groups, the participants lost approximately four kg on an average. Besides, a clear improvement in the glycaemic (blood sugar) control was seen in the low-carbohydrate group after six months, according to a Linkoping statement. 
Despite the increased fat intake with a larger portion of saturated fatty acids, the HDL or 'good' cholesterol content increased on the high-fat diet.
In the high-fat diet, 50 percent of the energy came from fat, 20 percent from carbohydrates, and 30 percent from protein. For the low-fat group, the distribution was 30 percent from fat, 55-60 percent from carbohydrates, and 10-15 percent from protein.
The participants were recruited from two primary health care centres and met for four group meetings during the first year of the study. All 61 participated in the study for the follow-up. 
'In contrast to most other studies of this type, we lost no patients at all, which vouches for the good quality of our data,' Guldbrand says.


Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, May 13, 2012 0 comments

Yes, all fruits are healthy. But if you are trying to lose weight then snacking away on fruits all day can prove to be a bit dangerous. 

Due to their high sugar content (after all fructose does come from fruits) they can be very detrimental to a weight loss plan. So here they are, the best and worst fruits to snack on. 

The best fruits to snack on: Berries: Blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries - they're all packed with antioxidants and vitamins. These little fiber bombs are the smartest, most nutritionally dense fruit you can eat. Keep in mind that these fruits, especially strawberries and raspberries, are excellent on grilled meats and in salads, so go ahead and experiment! (Glycemic Index: Generally low to mid-20′s) 
Cherries:  Cherries are similar to berries in terms of their antioxidant value. They have a bit higher natural sugar content, but they're still very low-carb and are an excellent source of important fiber. Cherries are amazing with bacon, feta and greens. (GI: 22) 
Apples and Pears:  They're low in sugar and contain a respectable amount of fiber. While antioxidants aren't exactly overflowing from your average apple, apples (and pears) are still a great way to satisfy a craving for sweetness. (GI: 38) 
Peaches and Apricots:  With similar nutritional value as apples and pears, these fruits are a smart way to get a good dose of vitamin C and fiber. (GI: 30s) 
Figs:  Figs are just as low in sugar as strawberries, and are packed with fiber (all those tender, tiny seeds). Enjoy these fresh whenever they're in season. 
The not-so-good fruits to snack on:   Melons: Both cantaloupes and watermelons are very high in sugar (GI: 65, 100 respectively). We recommend making melons a rare treat. 
Mangoes and Papayas : Though not as sugary as pineapples, these fruits are best enjoyed infrequently. A better choice is the banana, which - although starchy and a 55 on the glycemic index - is a smarter energy source. 
Pineapples : Pineapple is very high in sugar, but it's full of valuable nutrients in addition to bromelain, so enjoy it guilt-free from time to time. 
So snack on, and snack smart. Whatever your aim, be it energy or weight loss, there is a fruit for you to fill you up, to feed your skin, and to take care of your hunger pangs. Choose your fruits wisely and you will be healthy and happy.  


Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, May 6, 2012 0 comments

Glycerin is a natural emollient and has a cooling effect on skin. Being a humectant (which means that it attracts water, i.e. moisture), it draws oxygen into the skin thus helping it retain moisture. It can be used on hair too.
Although it can be applied topically on skin, putting it directly on to your hair will result in a gooey mess. Here's how you can make the best of it.

Curly hairWhile curly hair is beautiful to look at, it is in no way low-maintenance. If there is one word that fills every curly-haired girl with dread, it has to be frizz. Glycerin draws moisture from the air into the hair shaft. It works well as a conditioner since curly hair tends to get drier than other hair types because of the shape of the hair shaft.

Whip it up: Make a hydrating glycerin hair spray by mixing equal quantities of vegetable glycerin and water. Shake well. Add three drops of an essential oil and spray on after showering.

SkinGlycerin moisturises and helps skin cells mature. This does not mean it helps you age, rather it means healthy and mature cells are important for people with conditions like psoriasis. Glycerin accelerates the healing process, reduces bruising and promotes tissues and cells to repair themselves.

Whip it up: Mix one part glycerin, one part honey and two parts water or milk. Add oatmeal to get a thick texture and apply on the face. Rinse off after 20 minutes. A word of caution before you start overdosing on glycerin: in dry, non-humid climates, undiluted glycerin will pull out moisture from your skin and hair, resulting in blistered skin and a brittle mane. Dilute glycerin and use it along with jojoba oil in such conditions.

Ref: Health Magazine 

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