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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Monday, May 2, 2011

What is an Irish moss?
Irish moss is also used to make a beverage popular in the Caribbean. The beverage is made by boiling the Irish moss for about an hour in water. Flavorings including vanilla, peanut or strawberry may be added, and finally milk or sweetened condensed milk, rum and spices are added. It is usually served chilled, is very thick and is sometimes thought to have aphrodisiac qualities, and a cure for male impotence. It is also now available readymade, tinned.

Irish moss is a type or a species of seaweed that is most commonly seen in the rocky portions of the Atlantic coasts both in America and in Europe. Some, however, are also located in different areas of the Pacific. Nevertheless, it is called as it is since it is abundantly found in the country of Ireland. This type of seaweed also varies in color. Some are greenish yellow in color, other are red or dark purple, while some are also purplish brown in hue. However, all Irish moss are considered soft in composition. Nowadays, Irish moss are specially made or added in jellies and gelatin, which are great for many desserts such as ice creams and beverages. Others even use Irish moss as an ingredient in cosmetics.

what are the different Irish moss benefits?
For one Irish moss is considered great for the skin, which is why it is commonly added in a lot of cosmetics and body lotions. It has a soothing substance that can add moisture and rehydrate dry and rough looking skin. It is also an effective treatment against several skin diseases or disorders such as eczema, psoriasis, sun burns and rashes. Irish moss is also a great source of vitamins A, B, C and D, which are all essential in providing nourishment to the skin. This type of seaweed is also great in blocking out harmful elements that can potentially cause our skin damage. In addition to these, Irish moss also contains vitamin K, which helps in keeping the skin elastic and intact. This results to the reduction of wrinkle formation as well as diminish dark spots and circles around the eyes, commonly known as eye bags.

Aside from its countless skin benefits, Irish moss is beneficial inside the body as well. In fact, it helps in preventing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis, hypertension and even fat or adipose build up. In addition to these, it also prevents any accumulation of cholesterol in the body, which works effectively in reducing the chances of obesity. This seaweed likewise improves metabolism, which helps in increasing the rate of fat burn in the body. Because of these body benefits, Irish moss I said to be efficient is lowering the risks of serious complications such as heart attacks and stroke.

Irish moss is also known to be great expectorants. This means that they are effective in removing mucus buildup in the body, which helps in clearing up the lungs from any phlegm. Because of this, the chances of having pneumonia as a result from colds are lowered down. It is also tested that this seaweed can also treat some respiratory problems or conditions such as bronchitis. Irish moss is even effective in fighting off cancer and radiation poisoning, which is due to its high iodine content. Aside from this, Irish moss also contains other elements such as calcium potassium and sulfur as well as vitamin E. these are just some of the health benefits of the seaweed called Irish moss.

NOTE: IRISH MOSS are good to add in salads

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