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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More and more individuals are now suffering from the many consequences of obesity. Aside from altering our image and self esteem, obesity can also cause a lot of serious complications and problems in our health. Because of this, countless obese individuals have already experienced heart problems, stroke, high cholesterol levels and the like. However, many experts are now debating whether or not obesity should be classified as a type of illness or diseases. This argument, up to now, is still considered unresolved. But in order for us to understand this issue, it is necessary for us to slice the facts one by one in order to know the answer to the question; is obesity a disease?

It is vital for us to know first what the definition of the word disease is, in order to see whether obesity falls into the category. Disease is defined as the pathological condition of certain organ/s, part/s or system/s of an organism due to different causes such as infection, genetic defects or even environmental stresses and is characterized by specific symptoms and body reactions. Basing on this definition of disease, some experts consider obesity as one since it also requires lifestyle changes, prescribed medications and advanced interventions such as surgery for it to be corrected just like any other common diseases and ailments. According to them, obesity should be treated like any other disease for it to be eliminated.
Nevertheless, some experts also disagree with the fact that obesity must be treated as disease. This is because obesity is far and foremost, not a disease at all. Some doctors considered obesity as a serious health problem, but not similar to an illness. Obesity, however, is considered or recognized as a huge factor in causing a lot of serious diseases in the body. Experts who think that obesity is not a disease suggests that it should not be treated as such since doing so implies that we have no control over the situation. This also implies that we should be more committed with resources and interventions in treating the complications and the symptoms of becoming overweight rather than putting emphasis on the possibility of it as something that is preventable.

However, doctors who consider obesity as a disease have stated that looking at obesity as an illness promotes more people in taking huge steps of actions in combating the condition rather than looking at it as a lifestyle condition. The word “disease” comes off as something that is very serious, which is why many people take proper and immediate action once they obesity is considered as such.
In conclusion, obesity is still considered uncategorized by many and even up to now; people do still have separate opinions as to what really is the role of obesity in our lives. Nevertheless, one thing is guaranteed sure about this condition, and that is the fact that it brings no good to our health, which is something that we must avoid, correct and eliminate as soon as possible.


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  2. Please let us know about the calories details and how we can control calories effectively. Now it is a very good fact to obtain a stability to control health by having a good control in calories. There are some foods which we possess day to day with out knowing its good and bad. We have a wide option to control our health. But i think peoples are not that much aware of controlling the health through calories, Thank you


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