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The Benefits of Aqua-Aerobics

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Saturday, April 23, 2011

Playing in water is a sheer fun. Isn't it? Oh No! You do not need to know swimming to enjoy playful moments in water! You can spend time in a shallow pool to entertain yourself and to relax your senses. And this can take a better shape if you combine entertainment with some of aquatic exercises which will be beneficial for your health.
The Benefits of Aqua-AerobicsAquatic exercises also referred to as water aerobics are nothing but the activities that are performed in water. Aquatic exercises are not just spending time in pool and kicking up and down, but it is a way to complement and enhance your regular workouts. Water aerobics also assist in the recovery process after you sustain an injury.

What are the Unique Features of Aquatic Exercises?

  • The most unique feature of aquatic exercises is that these exercises offer minimal impact. It is estimated that the rebound force offered by the ground while running or jogging is nearly 5 times the body weight. This doesn't occur in aquatic exercises. The buoyant property of water makes you to perform exercises without any significant impact. Because of this feature, aquatic exercises are very important and effective in recovery and rehabilitation.

    Injuries can severely impair your activities and can make exercise difficult. Under such a situation, exercises can increase the risk of further injuries. On the other hand, lack of exercises may affect your level of fitness! Aquatic exercises put the body in a near zero gravity environment which denotes minimal or no impact and thereby, making exercises safe to maintain fitness levels. These exercises also promote healing by improving the body's circulation. This feature is being widely used in the rehabilitation of orthopedic conditions especially arthritis which gets worsened by the heavy impacts of the weight bearing exercises.
  • In case of overweight and obese people, exercises like jogging, running and skipping put tremendous pressure on the joints. In this case, aquatic exercises are ideal to burn more calories and to maintain joint health.
  • Another feature of aquatic exercises is its variable resistance. It means, the faster and the harder you work against water, the greater will be the resistance and you will need to workout harder. So, during the recovery process, where you need less resistance and easy workout, opt for slow and gentle moves. Thus, it's up to you act, water will always return an equal resistance.

What are the Benefits of Aquatic Exercises?

Aquatic exercises offer benefits similar to what is offered by regular exercises. The unique features of water aerobics make them safer options as well.
  • Being a good form of aerobic exercise, aquatic exercises offer a number of cardio-respiratory benefits. Studies have shown that people with mild hypertension can effectively bring their blood pressure under control with regular aquatic exercise.
  • Aquatic exercises burns more calories and do not prove to be hard on the joints. Thus, it is the one of the best exercises for overweight and obese individuals.
  • Aquatic exercises can efficiently improve mobility and range of motion, thereby increasing flexibility.
  • Aquatic exercises are found to be effective in increasing muscular strength, coordination, balance and postural alignment.
  • Aquatic exercises has got therapeutic effect in relieving back pain, joint stiffness etc.
  • Aquatic exercises have a massaging and a relaxing effect which help you to fight with day to day stress.
  • Aquatic exercises are found to be relatively safe in pregnant women.
If you are overweight and want to start off with an exercise regime, then you can consider water aerobics as the safest form of workout for you! Join a water aerobics class and you will feel the joy of getting involved in a group activity. Doing workouts in a group is highly motivating and this will help you to maintain a proper exercise routine.

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