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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Sunday, June 12, 2011

So now it's official - the World Health Organisation (WHO) says cellphones may be carcinogenic. Yes, they could trigger brain cancer. But you're not going to scream in horror and throw them away, are you? Cellphones are just too important. So what can you do to stay connected without Bheja Microwave? 

1. Get a handsfree. Duh, but it's not that simple. Bluetooth headsets add bluetooth radiation to cellphone radiation - not as much, but still enough... and if you're carrying the phone in your pocket at the same time, it's just increasing your dosage. Go for a wired piece as far as possible. 

If you really like the BT sets, here's something you need to know while choosing one. They come in three classes:
1 - These are the most harmful
2 - 40 times less harmful than 1
3 - The best type but also the most expensive.

Make sure you read the label when you go shopping. 

Tips to make your cellphone battery last longer! 

2. Read the label when buying a new cellphone - there's something called SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) which is basically a count of how much radiation it gives off. The lower, the better. 

3. If you're on one bar, the cellphone is working overtime to catch the signal - which means it's giving off that much more radiation. The same applies for fading signals, call drops, etc. When this is happening, it's not a good idea to go for long calls; move to a better reception area. 

4. When dialling a number, radiation increases. Wait till the call connects before holding your cellphone to your ear. 

5. In the office, get into the habit of keeping your cellphone on a table or bag instead of your pocket. 

6. Use speaker phone function whenever possible, especially for those long conference calls or while waiting for customer service. 

7. Don't use your cellphone in enclosed metal spaces - lifts, cars, buses, etc. The metal acts as what they call a Faraday cage, trapping radiation and channeling it around the same area, and back to you. Plus, the reception is much weaker. 

For all you naughty girls, learn how to romance him with your cellphone here.

8. If you use your cellphone as an alarm clock, try keeping it a little away from the bed, instead of next to the pillow. This immediately cuts exposure by half, at a time when your body has a chance to heal. Plus, getting out of bed to switch off the alarm takes care of the snooze-till-you're-late problem as well.

9. Have more anti-oxidants. Cellphone radiation damages the immune system and reduces the body's ability to heal - which means, yes, it will make you look older and catch more diseases even if you don't get brain tumours. Encourage your body to heal. 

10. Don't give cellphones to kids. You already know this - but their skulls are softer, so radiation reaches the brain more easily. If you must give it, encourage use only in emergencies. Use a post-paid plan so you can track usage. And of course, educate them about the dangers of using cellphones.


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