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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Several studies on natural remedies for diabetes are going on in different parts of the world. Two of the most prominent studies on this subject are based on use of Sweet potato and Ginkgo Biloba for reducing blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes. This article will inform you about the basics of these two researches.

Researchers are involved in studies for finding out the effects of Ipomoea batatas plants on diabetics. Ipomoea batatas plants are plants growing white sweet potatoes and are primarily found in the mountains ranges of Japan.  The natives of Japan have been using white sweet potatoes for treating health disorders like diabetes, anemia and hypertension for centuries. Recently, as study was conducted on the effects of extracts of white sweet potatoes on blood sugar levels of individuals with type 2 diabetes. The study was carried out in Italy and Austria and involved 60 participants. 

Each of these participants consumed 4g of sweet potato extracts known as caiapo. After 3 months, majority of these patients reported a reduction in blood sugar levels by as much as 15 points. However, when these participants took 2g of caiapo, they didn’t experience any curative effect. According to the researchers involved in this study, caiapo works by decreasing the patient’s insulin resistance. Several tests are still going on to establish a definite link between decrease in blood sugar levels and Ipomoea batatas plants.

The other significant study on natural remedies for diabetes is the research on effects of Ginkgo Biloba on the diabetics. The use of this herb as a diabetes remedy is extremely common in China and Japan. Ginkgo Biloba is known to be a rich source of antioxidants, which according to experts regulates the hormone levels in human body.Hope so this collection of information will be big relief for the diabetics patiences.HAPPY READING...

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