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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mud therapy is being used by people to treat diseases since ancient times. It is believed that the earth has healing powers which are refreshing and invigorating for the body.
The material used for mud therapy is mostly clay, taken from 4 inches below the surface of the earth. The clay should be free of any impurities such as pebbles, decaying matter etc.

How mud therapy can benefit you
·         Mud therapy is especially good for treating skin diseases. Wet clay absorbs toxins in the skin. The clay is then thrown away after drying.
·         Mud applications increase the beauty of the skin. They increase blood circulation, energize skin tissue, improve complexion and clear spots and patches on the skin.
·         Mud therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments to heal chronic inflammation caused by internal diseases, bruises, sprains, boils and wounds.
·         Mud packs have been found to be useful in treating diseases relating to general weakness and nervous disorders. The cooling effect of mud packs can also bring down fever.
·         Some diseases which mud packs can help treat are scarlet fever, influenza, measles, swellings, eye and ear troubles, gout, rheumatism, stomach troubles, kidney problems, liver malfunction, diphtheria,neuralgia, sexual disorders, headache, tooth ache and other general pains.
·         Applying mud to the abdomen can cure indigestion, flatulence and intestinal obstructions. It is also helpful in amoebiasis, colitis, enteritis and other bacterial diseases.

How mud is applied to the body
Mud packs: Clay taken from the earth is mixed with warm water so that it becomes a smooth paste. It is allowed to cool, and then spread on a strip of cloth. The size of the cloth depends on which part of the body the mud pack is to be applied.
The cloth covered with mud is placed on the part of the body which is to be treated. It is then covered with some protective material, like flannel. The mud pack is removed after 10 to 30 minutes.

Mud baths:
 Mud bath covers the whole body. Clay is mixed with so that a smooth paste is formed. The clay is spread on a huge cloth. The cloth is then wrapped around the body.
Another way to have a mud bath is to just cover yourself directly with the clay. Many people frolic in mud puddles in groups to get maximum enjoyment and benefit out of a mud bath.
Mud Therapy – Mud Treatment
Mud treatment has become very popular because of several reasons such as detoxifying skin, blood circulation , purifying skin and anti-aging treatment. In a spa treatment the mud which is used contains several types of clay and minerals in it. However, there are types of mud treatment which can be used with a different variety of mud.
 Peat Therapy:- Peat therapy is one type of mud treatment which has several uses such as detoxification, insomnia, relaxation, arthritis, musculoskeletal pain, infertility and stimulation of immune system. It is a type of mud which contains sulfur, humic, water, cellulose and fulvic acids in it. It can be applied as a hot or cold pack. One may also add this mud with hot or cold water. This peat therapy can be applied in one’s house or can be done at a spa.
Peloid Therapy:- This mud therapy is used to treat skin diseases, sciatica, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid, gynecological as well as common problems such as blemishes, wrinkles and blackheads. Peloid therapy is very expensive and it can be performed in a mud treatment spa. This mud consists of virgin clay, minerals and humus.
Parafango Packs:- These packs help in the degradation of the collagen and elastane in the skin. It not only soothes the muscle but also reduces localised swelling around the joints. Parafango pack contains volcanic mineral ash, extract of the seaweed and paraffin in it.
Mud Masks:- This type of mud treatment helps in treating skin blemishes as a part of anti-aging treatment. Mud Masks are inexpensive and are easily available at any beauty store. Mud masks contains dyes and perfumes in it which may cause allergic reaction to individuals who have a sensitive skin.


  1. Chritsino Says:
  2. Mud is an excellent exfoliating agent. Mud therapy is often used for removing the dead skin cells in skin rejuvenation treatments. Mud therapy works by refining the structure of our skin.

  3. Chritsino: Thanks for your valuable comments...

  4. ArticlesCode Says:
  5. wow ...whether traditional medicine? very interesting..

  6. Anonymous Says:
  7. Where is this done well in Dubai?


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