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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Thursday, June 2, 2011

This, is the age of computers and digital technology. Where on one hand one does not mind spending time on our PC's, do we realize that this can lead to what is popularly known as 'computer face'. This has been an increasing phenomenon since a lot of women work on computer for long hours. A U.K study by British cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Michael Prager, has proved the same. 

Watch out woman! 
Sitting infront of your computer screens for long hours results in sagging jowls because of sitting in one position for a long time.Women do not realise that they are concentrating so hard that they end up frowning most of the times. Deep frown lines on their forehead or wrinkles around their eyes are what most women fear, bu then are they actually aware of the real culprit? Another common afermath of this is having a 'turtle neck' or a second neck because of looking down at the screen for long. The neck muscles start becoming short and saggy because of this, adding up to 10 years of a woman's actual age. 

No wonder women are rushing to cosmetic surgeons for a face lift or a neck lift. But living in a world of computers how can you actually save yourself this scary state? There are some common things one has to keep in mind while working on a pc: 

1. Do not stare at the screen for long. 

2. Try moving your neck muscles in every half hour. 

3. Get up from your chair and take a stroll around. 

4. Shift and adjust your body while sitting in your chair. 

5. Move your shoulders in regular intervals. 

6. Try not slouching infront of the screen. 

7. Move your face muscles if you feel if you have had the same expression for a long time. 

Expert analysis 
Cosmetic surgeon and consultant Dr. Anshuman Manaswi states that using a computer for long hours at a stretch will result in not only skin damage but a lot of other problems, "Women sitting in a particular position for long end up spoiling their posture. Straining your eyes for long, no movement of neck muscles, no shoulder movement can be very harmful." Exercising your upper body while sitting or taking short breaks in between is suggested by U.K based cosmetic surgeon Dr Prager, which Dr Manaswi too agrees. He goes on to say," When we do not flex our face muscles they retain a shape which we least expect. In severe cases one has to go in for medical and surgical methods." 

Viewing this from a scientific point of view, Dr Mohan Thomas, cosmetic surgeon says, "The major reasons for change ion skin are expressions while wroking on a pc and the electromagnetic waves coming from the computer screen. These facial lines come because you are seriously engrossed in work that you tend to forget about your facial expressions. Secondly the electromagnetic radiation affects the pores of the skin. The best way to prevent this is to wash your face after using the computer and moisturise it accordingly with a gentle massage."

Reference: Press release article


  1. Megha Sarin Says:
  2. I sped hours and hours in front of screen. Need to be careful.


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