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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Saturday, June 4, 2011

Follow these tips and get the lustrous hair you've always wanted 

We all have had some frightful bad-hair days sometime or the other. And all of us strive to stay away from it. However, 'perfect hair' is elusive and is something that is only visible in magazine glossies! Everyone – be it a man or woman, a youngster or an oldie - aspires to have manageable, satin soft, silky and glorious hair. Here are a few pointers you need to keep in mind that will help you achieve it. 

Wash it right 
Though many of us shampoo our hair daily, experts insist that washing hair a few times a week is sufficient. Sometimes skipping the shampoo helps hair retain shine, especially of the shampoo is teeming with chemicals. Those who apply shampoo daily should apply a conditioner first. Then, without rinsing in between, apply shampoo just to the roots, lather, and rinse everything out. This way you have a clean scalp and shinier hair. 

Don't use hot water 
Rinsing hair with cold water closes the cuticle, making each hair surface smooth and shiny. Never use hot water to rinse your hair. Hair stylist Perry Patel says, "It is not very good to use a blow dryer on a very hot setting." Experts say that it is wise to look for hair dryers that don't give off too much heat. 

Never forget the serum
"Do you forget to wear clothes after you are done showering? Then how can you forget to apply hair serum?" asks hair expert Javed Habib. The serum is like a raincoat on your hair say experts. Products with silicon seal the cuticle and create a barrier between styling tools and hair, reducing friction and limiting heat damage. But don't go overboard with it for then it will fall flat and look greasy. 

Brush well 
Daily brushing and styling can take a toll on your hair, robbing them of natural oils and leading to breakage. Trade in your plastic brush for one with natural bristles, which redistribute oils throughout hair as you brush, boosting shine. 

Avoid chemicals 
Alcohol based products, chemicals in random hair products, pollution and excessive humidity robs hair of its natural shine. If you have very dry hair opt for a good quality hair cream.


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