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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cholesterol can be good and bad for you. So, a little knowledge about it will keep you in good stead. To start with, let us burst some myths about cholesterol.

Healthy diet and lifestyle can control cholesterol: This is not completely true. For some people the liver produces more cholesterol than the intestines absorb. Only medicines can control cholesterol in such cases. But a healthy diet and regular exercise are necessary for all to maintain cardiovascular health.

People with cholesterol should avoid eating shrimps and eggs: Shrimps are not that bad. Shrimps are high in cholesterol but like eggs they are low in saturated fat and have the added advantage of fish oils. But if you have fried shrimps then you are at risk. Only some of the cholesterol in food ends up as cholesterol in your bloodstream, and if your dietary cholesterol intake rises, your body compensates by producing less cholesterol of its own. The good news is you can have eggs a few times a week.

Thin people don't have cholesterol: It is not just obese or overweight people who have to battle high cholesterol, even thin people should regularly check their cholesterol. Often people who don't gain weight easily are not aware of the saturated and trans fat they consume. So, irrespective of their weight everyone should check their cholesterol regularly.

Young people won't have cholesterol: There is a notion that you don't have to check your cholesterol until you reach the middle age which is not true. In fact, even a 20-year-old should check cholesterol.

I'm taking medicines so I can eat anything: Medicines are prescribed for those who have elevated levels of cholesterol. There are advanced medicines to help control blood cholesterol levels. But making diet and lifestyle changes along with the medication your doctor prescribes are the best way to prevent heart disease.


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