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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Biogas plants are a relatively recent invention---used for the treatment of farm and crop waste. Biogas is generated by recycling waste from crops---including from maize or biodegradable wastes, such as sewage. The gas is produced in an oxygen deficient environment within these plants and contains 60 percent methane.

  1. Production of Energy

    • Biogas has a calorific value of around 6kWh/m3---this is equivalent to half a liter of diesel. The calorific value is determined by the amount of energy produced by a biogas plant. The methane content of the gas produced is significantly high and is popular as a type of fuel. One m3 of biogas corresponds to 1.3 kg of wood, 1.1 m3 of city gas and 0.24 m3 of propane.


    • A polythene biogas digester---found within biogas plants---can produce fertilizer from natural organic waste. The nitrogen rich fertilizer is obtained by processing cow dung. The nitrogen content of fertilizer made by using polythene biogas digesters is three times higher than for the fertilizer obtained by conventional methods.

    Reduction of Workload

    • The use of biogas can reduce workloads in rural areas. It is a quick, cheap and convenient method to produce fertilizers for many people.

    Positive Health Effects

    • Biogas has a positive effect on rural health conditions. Biogas plants help to decrease the occurrence of respiratory diseases. A considerable decrease in cases of asthma, eye infections and lung diseases have been noted in areas where there have been implementation of many biogas plants. These plants are also responsible for killing pathogens, such as cholera, typhoid and paratyphoid.

    Environmental Benefits

    • Biogas plants considerably reduce the greenhouse effects on the earth's atmosphere by recycling waste. They also protect many natural resources, as they work to prevent waste, as well as provide a more environmentally friendly energy source.

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