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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The rainwater tanks are a great option for saving the valuable water of the country. These tanks hold huge amount of rainwater for use. They can be used in gardens, in household chores and with water purifier can even be safe for drinking. About 30% of the water from these tanks are use to water the gardens. The rainwater is much helpful in saving a lot of water bill. To make these tanks popular, the governments of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane are giving concessions on its sale. Every form of house can install a rainwater tank, even those with tiny roofs. This is possible primarily because of the availability of the tanks in different shapes and sizes. The household that is willing to get a tank must realize the amount of rainfall that area gets before ordering one tank. 
Australians are using these tanks primarily to cope up with the droughts that are rampant in their country. Moreover, every city is having tremendous problem in supplying adequate amount of water to its people because of severe shortage of fresh water. To avoid this crisis also, the tanks are a good option. 
Water tanks can be found in various shapes. Usually, small families can have tanks with a capacity of 5000l but even 20,000l tanks are also commonly used. Though almost nothing is required to be done to maintain these tanks but different insects and harmful animals like frogs must be prevented from entering. The Bushranger Water Tanks are one of the most famous water tank brands throughout Australia. They embody quality and excellent service. They are also very economic and thus produce the largest amount of water tanks in the country. The latest Tankmasta Tanks are a hit among the masses. 
The firm primarily sells their products in and around Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia. Usually various government sections and the builders are their main customer. They also have patents in New Zealand and America. The tanks usually have numerous outlets and inlets. The company offers bendable installation. They have a capacity to fill 200mm from various inlets. The company offers 10-year guarantee for over ground tanks and 7-year guarantee for underground tanks. The company is also recognized by ISO 9001: 2000. 
The tanks are often ordered via online and are delivered by the companyandrsquo;s vehicles. The drivers will deliver them at the place where the customer wants it to be delivered. Usually the tanks have a capacity to hold 45,000lt of water and are 3.5m wide and 5.1m high. The Bushranger tanks are designed according to the Angle Dissemination Pivot (ADP) roofs, which are very useful for the country folks. The tanks also have two access hatches, which make it very flexible to use. They are also equipped with barrel filter and are made up of stainless steel. They are easy to maintain and requires no extra cost. 


  1. It was true. It was the smart conservation of having rainwater tank. This is to ensure that we can have adequate water to use.

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