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The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Friday, March 18, 2011

Aerobic exercise helps push the heart and circulatory system further than the easy pace of many every day activities. This stress forces the body to adapt causing many changes which benefit us in a lot of ways. The health benefits we gain from aerobic exercise are important, not only does this type of exercise help control weight, it also limits the chances of developing many common illness and diseases.

1. The heart enlarges.
2. The heart increases its blood stroke volume.
3. Resting heart rate slows, less than 60 beats per minute indicates good physical fitness
4. Oxygen is used more efficiently resulting in increased fat burning during exercise
4. More available energy due to greater amounts of ATP and PC for immediate power needs
5. Increased endurance
6. Lower blood pressure
7. Reduced risks in developing diabetes and other diseases
8. Increase in good cholesterol, decrease in bad cholesterol - see fats good/bad!
9. Faster recovery after exercise
10. More efficient cardiovascular system
11. A positive body composition change, more muscle less fat
12. Better chance of maintaining healthy weight later in life
13. Help in coping with all other emotional and psychological stress

The constant stress of aerobic exercise forces the heart to gradually enlarge so future exercise eventually requires less effort. A bigger heart allows us to sustain exercise for longer periods because more oxygenated blood can be carried to the working muscles. This also has the added benefit that a higher fat percentage can be used to provide the energy for exercise. Learn more here, burn fat.

Learn about target heart rate to establish the correct exercise intensity!
Most of the above aerobic benefits begin to kick in within four weeks of starting anexercise program, within three months of consistent training there should be a well-developed level of physical fitness with the more dramatic benefits taking place. The changes in the cell's energy system can start to speed up the reduction in total body fat levels. The training effects of exercise does however start to reduce after about 48 hour so its important to be consistent and make your chosen activity fun!


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