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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mesotherapy for fat reduction & Cellulite

A medical treatment for spot fat and cellulite reduction, Mesotherapy is considered an effective alternative to surgery or liposuction. Although not a specific weight loss procedure, Mesotherapy can be used to help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the thighs, abdomen, hips and buttocks and its targeted spot fat reduction makes it perfect for specific areas of puffiness on the face, such as the eyelids or under the chin.
How does it work? Mesotherapy contains a specialised cocktail of targeted vitamins, mineral, enzymes, plant extracts, amino acids, anaesthetics and medications, which are administered just below the surface of the skin at the treatment site. After consultation, the Doctor will create a specific formula to reduce the fat in your cellulite, which will improve impaired circulation and break down damaged connective tissue – thereby smoothing the skin’s surface.
How is treatment administered? The treatment involves a series of micro injections that are administered just below the surface of the skin at the location of the problem area. Unlike liposuction, there is no down time after treatment, making it a far more appealing option than surgery.
Is it painful? Patients may feel a slight pinching or burning sensation when the injections are administered. However the area can be numbed using either ice or a topical anaesthetic to make treatment more comfortable.
Will I need more than one treatment? At your consultation with the Doctor, a treatment plan will be devised and you will be advised how many treatments will be required.


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