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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Monday, September 17, 2012

Foot cleansing: Wash your foot every time you come from outside with a liquid wash. 

Ensure you dry your feet completely before wearing new footwear or socks.
The heel is generally cracked and needs to be scrubbed with a pumice stone or a scrub to remove dead cells followed by applying a moisturizing cream. The space between toes has to be cleaned, dried and sprayed with powder, preferably an anti-fungal powder. 
Avoid using moisturizing cream or scrubs in this region since it can cause breaks in the soft skin between toe-webs.
Toenail care
Keep your toenails trimmed so that less dirt accumulates underneath the nails and cleaning feet becomes easier.
Don't wear closed shoes as they hold water thereby making the feet sodden. Opt for water proof open strapped footwear.
Dry footwear
Ensure your footwear is dry before you wear it the next day. 
It is wise to have two sets of footwear, one for travel in the rains and the other for use at workplace.


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