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Posted by Elizebath Bijoy Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perfect pearly white teeth are anybody's dream. They brighten up even the most ordinary face.
Most of us are in awe of all the celebrities who have spotless teeth. But, as we all know, that comes with a price. These tips will help you sport a smile like a celebrity without causing a dent in your pocket.
1. Wine, tobacco, tea and coffee can stain you teeth. If you can't avoid them consume them in moderation. And brush your teeth, if possible, after every meal. This is the best way to prevent plaque and other tooth decay.
2. Gargle, gargle, gargle: What you first need is a good mouthwash for your dental hygiene. But don't overuse mouthwash, warn dentists. What they suggest is to use mouthwash not more than two times a month. And the reason? The mouthwash kills some good bacteria in your mouth, too. So always use it in moderation.
3. What matters is the kind of toothpaste you use. Get toothpaste with whitening agents to remove all the stains that you accumulate on a daily basis owing to an overdose of caffeine.
4. Flossing is something you should be doing. But only if there is too many gaps between your tooth and food particles often get trapped in them resulting in bad breath.
5. Always visit a dentist every six months for cleaning and check-up.
6. A balanced diet is the best way to prevent gum decay and tooth diseases. Include a lot of raw vegetables, yoghurt and fruits like apples in your diet.
7. Salt is a natural teeth whitener. You can add a pinch of salt with your toothpaste every time you brush.


  1. This is really informative and I will for sure refer my friends the same. Thanks

  2. thanks for this info :)nice sharing :)
    i will enjoy reading since i found the way to make my teeht white


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